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Looking to start racing at WCMRC On-Road?

WCMRC on-road track is a large, purpose built asphalt race track for on-road model cars.
Beginners or those who are interested are very welcome at our Club. Come along to one of our race meetings and have a look. Our members will be more than happy to field any questions you may have.

Generally, we hold race meetings 3 times per month. Please refer to our calendar or Facebook page for race days and events.

We also run regular practice sessions on Friday nights during Off-road race meetings. These are open to the public and if you wish to give it a go all we ask is that you pay a cover charge of $5 to cover our costs. Just remember we’re an electric car club only and steel spur gears are not permitted (due to noise restrictions).

Race Entry
The first race day for beginners is free! Normal entry fee is $10 for non-members and $8 for members. This is to be paid on the race day, prior to race start.

We have two hire cars hire cars a 21.5T Touring Car and a Mini. The cost for these is $30 for the day which is inclusive of race fees. Please contact us prior to entry to confirm the availability of the hire cars.

Race Timing is electronic and computer-controlled and it is necessary to have a transponder in every car. Transponders can be purchased form the club and most hobby shops also sell them. If you don’t have your own, we can provide club transponder on the day.

On-road Classes
Beginners are welcome to bring any electric powered on-road type RC model car they currently have, and an appropriate class will be selected or a “novice” class created.

Below is a an outline of the main classes we run but we strongly advise that you come down a have a look and chat to the members before committing to buying a car. Some hobby shop staff may not be up to date with racing approvals and may recommend non-approved items.

The specific rules associated with each class are outlined on our Rules page.

Touring Cars
Most beginners start in this class. They 1/10th scale sedans that must use specific body shell types, tyres and motor sizes.

1/8th Scale
Larger and heavier, high-power 1/8th scale cars are well suited to our large track. We call them “club classes” as they are not recognised officially by AARCMCC.

• Grand Touring (1/8th GTE)
• Sports Cars (1/8th Electric Pan cars)

Other Classes
• Mini – 1/10th scale Tamiya Mini, using the classic Mini or hatchback / small car body shell.

• Formula 1 – 1/10th scale F1 style chassis and body shell (open wheel).

• 1/10th (200mm) Pan car – a Pan car/GT 200mm chassis with 13.5T motors, blinky ESC, open tyre (foam is the preferred choice), and a GT-style body with a separate rear wing (No Wedge bodies allowed).

Race Day Format
Racing starts at a specified time, e.g. 10am on the Sundays and 5pm on the Saturdays.

It is a good idea to arrive 1 hour prior to race start.

A typical race meeting will have several classes, each having a 5-6min race and running in in turn, with three minutes between races to make one round. Each round is about one hour long. Typically there are 2 rounds of qualifying followed by 3 rounds of finals for the day. Depending on the number of classes a race meet generally runs for about 5 hours.

Free track time is available before the racing starts and track closure will be announced just before a drivers meeting.

Drivers Meeting
Occurs at the specified time and will be announced. All drivers must attend the meeting as the important information about the race meeting or future events is discussed here.

At the Drivers Meeting the Race Director will give specific instruction in relation to Marshalling but as a general rule racers are required to marshal the race following theirs. The role of the Marshals is to return cars to the track and manage racing incidents. At your first race you will be given a brief on the protocols involved.

Qualifying in RC car racing is quite different to full size car racing. The grid positions are based on the race time for the full 5 or 6 min race.

During a qualifier round, the cars run together however they are not racing for position. The best lap time, or distance travelled within the time is what the drivers are trying to achieve.

Finals are just like full size car racing. The cars are positioned on a grid according to a qualifying position but the race starts on an audio sound instead of lights. Cars are racing for position. Points are awarded based on your finishing position in each final and these are used to determine the overall finishing rank.

Any Questions?
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us or contact us on our Facebook Page. We hope to see you racing soon!