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2017 West Coast Model RC Spring Cup

Sunday 10 September

The Spring Cup is an annual Trophy Event open to all RC racers both members of

WCMRC and non-members

Gates Open: 8:00am Registration: 9:00am First Qualifier: 10:00am Finish Approx: 4:30pm

Class Details

Minimum entries required for trophies to be awarded per class is 5.

3 Qualifiers and 3 Finals for all classes, including B mains.

Canteen will be available with BBQ at lunch time

Enter online and check entries at: http://www.wcmrc.asn.au/onlineentry.html

Cost: $20 first class, $15 per additional class – cross entries all classes welcome

This will be an open tyre event in, Brand Only. But set numbers will be set for each of the AARCMCC classes that AARCMCC has decreed for Nationals.


ISTC 21.5 - 2 sets

ISTC 13.5 - 3 sets

ISTC Mod - 3 sets

ISTC Junior - 1 set

1/8 GTE - 3 sets

F1 - 3 sets

1/8 E - 3 sets

Mini - 3 sets